Carnivals and Snowstorms
Carnivals and Snowstorms
A multimedia dance, theater & film collaboration - exploring the nature of dreams, 
memory and the afterlife.
Performed April 29 & 30 2011 
in the Black Box Theater ATL&S Institute, Boulder, CO

Video by Travis Mouffe

Choreographed by Skye Hughes
Performed by Graham Emmons, Jadd Tank, and Allison Brown
Cinematography by Travis Mouffe and Kyle Monks

Carnivals and Snowstorms, an interdisciplinary theater production, explores the nature of dreams, memory and the afterlife. 
The production is designed to evoke an otherworldly atmosphere of haunting nostalgia and beauty. To achieve this, it uses an all encompassing projection screen that  immerses the audience in film and graphics of another time and place, a set design derived from vintage carnival booths, the elegance of 1930s-inspired costumes and retro-inspired choreography.
Produced and Directed by Daniella Vinitski
Technical Director: EJ Posselius
Film/Video/Projection Director: Travis Mouffe
Lighting Designer: Autumn Bjugstad
Costumer: Luke List
Set Designer: Sarah Talaba
Stage Manager: Sarah Keuhler
Mickey Alpert
Alexandra Lewis
Allison Conner
Graham Emmons
Jadd Tank
Cindy Brandle
Maya Osterman
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