The Shows Must Go On

Holland America Line is stepping up its entertainment with the addition of five new production shows. 
The five shows include:
- “Sound Stage,” which brings movie studios to life;
- “Ever After,” a rock fairytale with contemporary score;
- “Playback,” which focuses on various genres of pop and rock music;
- “Tableux,” a magical night in a museum where artwork comes to life through song and dance.
- “All for Love, the Concert,” which showcases the romantic side of artists such as Rod Stewart, Celine Dion and Peter Gabriel;
The shows have debuted on Eurodam and Westerdam, but will roll out to the rest of the fleet.” (Date Published: August 15, 2014)
The magic of the movies.

Sample performance footage and video content from the Sound Stage theater show aboard the MS Eurodam and MS Westerdam in 2014.
"Foley" performance, from Sound Stage, aboard the MS Eurodam Dec. 2013. 

A “horror movie” vignette - shot to simulate the cut of a movie the stage performer is making foley sound effects for. Takes place during a theatrical transition in the SOUND STAGE show aboard the Holland America Line cruises.

Produced by Colleen and Bob Bonniol. Directed and edited by Travis Mouffe. Shot by Matt Skerritt
A rockin' collection of fairy tales.
- animation by Kerstin Hovland
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